From the life cycle of #SARSCoV2, to the potential effects of #COVID19 on the human body, here's a look at the virus and the disease it causes—in the form of graphics. #WeekendReads

““Immunity Passports” are dead.“ - Cases of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection Highlight the Limitations and the Mysteries of Our Immune System

promising approaches and caveats regarding point-of-need tests for SarsCoV2

“Deep learning has a terrible carbon footprint“ - on the ecological cost of AI

Wer wird von #Wissenschaftskommunikation ausgeschlossen / nicht erreicht? Wir haben mit #WissenschaftFürAlle ein #Wimmelbild erstellt, das #wisskomm Kommunikator*innen ermuntern soll, Formate kritisch zu hinterfragen: Und: wir verschicken gratis 50 Poster!

When quantum physics met psychiatry - new book examines encounter of Carl Jung with Wolfgang Pauli and their ideas

Developed in conjunction with the @CochraneCollab Community and based on @WHO guidance, these Special Collections assemble Cochrane Reviews in key topic areas relating to the prevention and treatment of #COVID19:

This study of the Icelandic population showed that the humoral response did not decline within 4 months after infection, that 44% of persons who had been infected with SARS-CoV-2 had not been diagnosed by qPCR, and that the infection fatality risk was 0.3%. #SARSCoV2 #COVID19

JAMA Clinical Guidelines Synopsis:
Management of Acute Pulmonary Embolism

A new hydrogel formulation for healing #gastriculcers matches the effectiveness of standard drugs in pigs, and shows ultrafast gelation and superior adhesion compared with standard hydrogels. #biomaterials @CUHKofficial

Egal was die Hersteller solcher Systeme versprechen: eine weitere ambitionierte interventionsstudie konnte keinen Nutzen einer Verordnungs-Software gegen arzneimittelbezogene Probleme von älteren Patienten mit #polypharmazie #multimedikation nachweisen

A thought about shared first-authorship. If contribution is *equal*, then it is *equal*, full stop. Co-first-authors should be allowed to reverse the order of authorship in their publication lists if they wish. Anything else makes shared first-authorships a farce.

The time to move to rapid #SARSCoV2 testing is long overdue. It's about switching from diagnosing *infections* to determining whether someone is *infectious*
In minutes, not days. Anywhere. Cheap.
My table here summarizes the differences and why this should be the #1 US priority

Es scheint eine Art Naturgesetz zu sein: 10 Diagnosen = 10 Dauerverordnungen (+/- 2). Eine Reduktion von #multimedikation ist praktisch kaum noch möglich, das zeigen fast alle Interventionsstudien. Muss die Medizin bei der Behandlung chronischer Erkrankungen defensiver werden?

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